Below are a few testimonials from diverse industries / clients of the firm.

"With the growth of our business and the services provided to key financial institutions, our company was required to have SSAE 18 implemented and audited. This was a prerequisite to accommodate not only client requisites, but to serve as a foundation for taking our company to the "Next Level" via effective processes, people and technology. Lakelet truly understands our business and is a valued strategic partner. Moreover, our company is working with Lakelet on on other initiatives."
— Leasing Company 


“Lakelet Advisory Group provided our financing company with both the SOC Type 1 and SOC 2 Type II engagements. Their comprehensive report and recommendations was influential in not only ensuring that we meet the requirements of our major clients - but was the foundation for our internal improvements. Both of these engagements were completed on-time, on-budget and within seven (7) months."
— Financial Services Company 


“Lakelet was engaged to provide our Company with the valuation of IP associated with a patent. Their work was most professional and timely. We were so impressed that we reengaged them for additional work."
— Medical Device Company 


“Lakelet was able to prepare a most challenging business valuation for 30 leasehold assets. This had to be completed within 10 days. Furthermore, Lakelet was required to provide expert testimony on these intangible assets in federal bankruptcy court.” 
— Litigation Support - Attorney


“Growing companies in dynamic industries, such as ours, face a transitional period where redefining the mission becomes necessary for sustained growth. Lakelet Advisory Group’ team facilitated this important process and provide guidance and direction. The crucial step in our development between strategy definition and execution was the creation of an plan that addressed our operational, marketing, financial and human capital requirements. Moreover, their experience in raising capital provided us with the best probability of refinancing the Company. ” 
— Beverage Company


"Lakelet worked closely with the Board of Directors and Administrator in a non profit publicly held health care facility. Actually sharing duties with the Administrator they dramatically improved Quality of Care the lack of which threatened closure. Concurrently they restructured the MIS and Accounting function which was producing totally unreliable data. Lastly through their intervention a grant of State funds was approved for $300K"
— Law firm


“Over the past year, our CPA firm has worked with Lakelet Advisory Group on two separate engagements. In both challenging situations, the client was extremely satisfied with the tangible results generated. Lakelet Advisory Group collaboration efforts were most impressive, not only with us but with the banks, employees, attorneys, investors, customers and vendors. Their approach was very hands-on and focused oriented…. This week, our firm has submitted another proposal to utilize Lakelet Advisory Group.”
 — CPA Firm


“… formalized our strategy and quickly put in place a set of financial processes and business procedures that allowed our company to provide accurate and timely information all the stakeholders. This information was a prerequisite for our ability to seek outside investors and to launch international operations.”
 — Technology Company


“…after a six-month engagement, LAG was instrumental in spearheading the strategic diversification necessary for our businesses. Within the first 12 months, we increased revenue 14.2%, after a negative growth in prior period. Within 4 years, our company was successfully acquired with a significant return.”
— Packaging Company


“We engaged LAG to assist us with a $15,000,000 capital raise by preparing a Private Placement Memorandum. LAG effectively collaborated with a myriad of professional players involved (Auditors, Attorneys, Strategic Partners, etc.) to facilitate our capita raise. Their knowledge of our niche market was extremely beneficial with regards to the disclosures, marketing and product placement requisites. During the engagement, the firm was requested to absorb additional work as it pertained to the preparation of the financial statements, financial analysis and the disclosures. This additional work was professionally achieved on-time as “promised.”
— Industry Consumer Product – Start-Up


“... played the role of Chief Restructuring Officer during some very challenging periods for our company. LAG lead the development of a strategic product offering. This includes all phases from the original research, development, prototypes, financing, manufacturing processes and sales / marketing. Within 2 years, this new product launching generated 37% increase in our revenue. ”
— Manufacturing / Alternative Energy Company


“LAG played an essential role in verifying our innovative B2B model. In addition, the firm took ownership of preparing our B2B strategies, marketing plans, financial plans and operational rollout. We are a repeat client of LAG for over 8 years now. Their firm allows us to optimize our opportunities via challenging us for tangible Continuous Improvements.”
— B2B Internet Company


“Over the past 12 months, our collection agency has experienced a host of atypical business challenges. Within a 90-day period – we lost a major piece of business (approximately 10% of the total revenue) and our recent acquisition was not delivering the benefits we expected. Our CPA firm informed us of a team that they have work with for several years that would be able to assist us through these turbulent times. Accordingly, we contracted with Lakelet Advisory Group. They put together a very detailed strategy and action plan. Step by step though the process – they assisted us in executing this plan…… Now a year later, we have been able to restructure our debt and obtain more capital, jettisoned our acquisition, and are in the midst of joining a joint venture that will double our business opportunities in the next 20 months. Obviously, we extended our agreement with Lakelet Advisory Group with the goals of being SSAE 16 complaint, reduce expenditures by another 5% and organically increase revenues by 7.5% within 7 months.”
— Collection Agency


“In order to address the challenges from unparalleled currency losses, inability to pacify a dysfunctional board, loss of the corporate president due to compliance issues, our public traded Company sought a member of the LAG for the Board of Directors. Jointly, we feverishly attacked the refocusing of the product offerings and our operations. The commitment became such that in addition to the Board of Directors, the LAG member became the interim COO. Despite our efforts, we could not collectively turnaround the situation. It became necessary to liquidate the Companies. Throughout the process, LAG managed the project internally and expectantly for the numerous stakeholders. In hindsight, we should engaged LAG earlier in the process and have attempted to take the Company private as soon as possible.”
— International Public Medical Device Company

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