Welcome to Lakelet Advisory Group LLC.

Lakelet Advisory Group is a leading independent consulting firm that provides complex business valuations, business optimization and turnaround and restructuring services. Our highly credentialed experts focus like a laser on delivering tangible results to our clients. Lakelet Advisory Group has a proven track record by leveraging our comprehensive services and global experience.

Our cumulative understanding of the particular challenges associated with specific industries such as  processes, supply chains, financial requirements, competitive landscape is a strategic advantage to our clients. Our industry experience provides us with a wide array of proven methodologies for generating tangible results.   

Our vast experience allows us to draw upon paradigms that are “best of breed” within the industry as well as proven solutions outside of a specific industry.


  • Agriculture
  • Cannabis
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Food Processing
  • Health Care/Medical Practices


  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Service & Entertainment
  • Logistics
  • Technology

Below are a few testimonials from diverse industries / clients of the firm.


“Lakelet was able to prepare a most challenging business valuation for 30 leasehold assets. This had to be completed within 10 days. Furthermore, Lakelet was required to provide expert testimony on these intangible assets in federal bankruptcy court.” 
— Litigation Support, Attorney



“…after a six-month engagement, LAG was instrumental in spearheading the strategic diversification necessary for our businesses. Within the first 12 months, we increased revenue 14.2%, after a negative growth in prior period. Within 4 years, our company was successfully acquired with a significant return.”
— Packaging Company


“Growing companies in dynamic industries, such as ours, face a transitional period where redefining the mission becomes necessary for sustained growth. Lakelet Advisory Group’ team facilitated this important process and provide guidance and direction. The crucial step in our development between strategy definition and execution was the creation of an plan that addressed our operational, marketing, financial and human capital requirements. Moreover, their experience in raising capital provided us with the best probability of refinancing the Company. ” 
— Beverage Company

"Lakelet worked closely with the Board of Directors and Administrator in a non profit publicly held health care facility. Actually sharing duties with the Administrator they dramatically improved Quality of Care the lack of which threatened closure. Concurrently they restructured the MIS and Accounting function which was producing totally unreliable data. Lastly through their intervention a grant of State funds was approved for $300K"
—Law firm

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