At Lakelet Advisory Group LLC ("LAG"), our goal is to produce tangible benefits for our clients. As an experienced advisory firm, we do this by addressing strategic financial and value added opportunities for our clients in a variety of specialized engagements, including:

“Our alternative energy company selected LAG because they saw the big picture, are highly credentialed, and strongly recommended by financial institutions, creditors and attorneys.”

Lakelet will provide your organization with a professional financial solution. Our processes include the following:

  • Preliminary analysis of your organization
  • Fixed cost and fixed length agreement, which means no surprises for you
  • Benchmark of your organization via a host of different organizations in the same sector, geographical region, and of similar size (in terms of revenue and number of employees)
  • A determination of the quantifiable tangible dollars via improvements where LAG will be able to add value to your organization
  • A detailed action plan to ensure the quantifiable tangible dollars of benefits are greater than the costs of the project (i.e. Marginal Benefit > Marginal Costs)
  • A formal written weekly update detailing the progress being achieved
  • A "post mortem" analysis to ensure LAG has delivered on expectations
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