Question: What makes your services so unique? 

Answer: Three areas cause the services to be most unique. These being:

  1. Background / Experience – “The only source of knowledge is experience”. Albert Einstein.  Our team and our strategic partners have the proven experience with challenging business situations. This includes not only the academic background, but the industry experience. This acumen includes, but are not limited to, financial, technology, marketing, and process engineering skills.
  2. Focusing on Business Results - Imagine having a talented C-Level executive that is focused solely on attacking the problem. This is the luxury small and mid-small companies cannot afford.  And most larger organizations do not have the bench strength. This ability to "focus like a laser" on your business issues plus with your support, ensure that together our team can generate the necessary tangible results in a most impressive period. The internal executives, assuming they have the skills, at best - can focus on this challenge on a "part-time" basis.
  3. Confidence - our experiences allows us to bring a high degree of confidence to each engagement. Lakelet Advisory Group LLC is not all things to all companies. We only take engagements where the team has the confidence of delivering the tangible results. In many engagements, the team is so confident that we can generate tangible results - our compensation can be directly linked to the delivered tangible results.
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