The Hot – and Not So Hot – Industries in 2014 and Beyond

The economy may still be shaky, but despite the uncertainty, some industries are faring well in 2014. From environmental consulting to VOIP, these industries may not be the edgiest around, but they are consistent and making solid gains. Several of them – such as home health care services, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and offices of health practitioners – are tied to our country’s aging population. Others, though, are part of new and emerging industries, like relaxation beverages. Below offers a look at some of the winners and the losers in 2014.

In addition, the chart below also highlights those industries projected for significant growth in the next 10 years. Just a decade ago, most people had not heard of smart phones, jobs like “app developer” didn't even exist, and the Affordable Care Act wasn't yet law. Today, though, the economic landscape and job market are entirely different – as they will likely be 10 years from now. So while there are certainly no guarantees, there are strong indicators that health care and technology, already major industries right now, will continue their robust growth over the next decade. Likewise, with an increased focus on environmental sustainability, professionals serving that sector are anticipated to be in demand. At the same time, manufacturing is expected to continue its wane.

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