Are You Hiring the Right Leaders for Your Challenged Entity?

Recruiting the right talent to your team is difficult during the best of times. People are complicated, organizations are complicated, matching people and organizations is complicated, and it’s extremely difficult to predict who will be great and who will be an epic fail.

Sounds pretty . . . well . . . complicated, right?

It’s actually a breeze when you compare it to hiring leaders for a challenged entity – i.e. an organization in the midst of a turnaround. You have to take into consideration factors such as hard and soft skills, personality, background and education, salary, and benefits – as well as find someone who can make serious change happen . . . fast. In fact, your company’s very survival depends on your ability to get the right leader in the right place.

The problem is that many companies are so focused on the long term that they don’t take into consideration the fact that they’re in crisis mode. The leader with a proven track record of managing the long-term, daily operations in a stable environment is not the one who can bring your company back from the brink.

Rather, you need someone who can act quickly and manage in a crisis environment, with little room for error. They need to be excellent at identifying and solving problems, as well as extremely decisive. They also are the individual who can roll up their sleeves and start scrutinizing every aspect of your business from the bottom up, from how revenue is generated to where the leaks are.

Here’s a deeper look at how a turnaround professional differs from a long-term leader:

Turnaround professionals are few and far between. Why? Most leaders don’t like working in the midst of a crisis. However, these specialists thrive on challenges and are natural born problem solvers. The best ones will have experience with circumstances exactly like or similar to yours . . . and they will know how to handle the situation and lead you to the best possible outcome. 

That being said, turnaround specialists are no better than long-term leaders. They two are completely different and confront totally dissimilar situations within an organization. And in fact, some of the worst executives are former turnaround specialists who haveoverstayedtheir  welcomes.

However, if your entity can be categorized as “challenged” or it’s headed that way, then it’s in your best interest to have a turnaround professional address theturnaround,  while an entirely different set of employees are recruited for the long-term functions within your  organization.

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