2016 Predictions

Despite Peter Drucker’s advice – “Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window,”  I will continue my annual predicts for turnarounds and business in 2016.

  • Price of Oil per Barrel ▼12%
  • Price of Gold ▼5%
  • Brazil will set new economic lows
  • US$ in relationship to the CAD – little to no change
  • Most Improving Industry – Transportation (except Aerospace)  – both due to price of energy and demand.
  • Most Challenging Industries – Healthcare Providers, Gas / Oil and Small / Regional Banking.  (Healthcare Providers and Small / Regional Banking due to compliance challenges, lack of economies of scale, size is not a competitive advantage)
  • M&A Continues to be a “Seller’s Market”
  • US Manufacturing – Challenges Continue- Bringing it back to US delayed by appreciation in US dollar
  • Canadian Manufacturing ▼5% - currency +inefficiencies+ international market challenges
  •  The Canadian housing bubble bursts. The epicenter will be Vancouver and Toronto with national fall out
  • Major Technology Winner - Microsoft
  • Major Technology Loser - Oracle
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