Business Optimization

Lakelet Advisory Group LLC is a strategic advisory firm with a niche in providing tangible value to your organization. We will work with you to optimize your goals by implementing "best of breed" processes, systems, technology, people, financing structure, and / or strategic plans. We will then provide you with access to an independent firm that can audit the work we’ve performed. 

Our methodology includes:

Assess the current situation. We will research, develop an understanding of and document the processes and systems presently in place. If necessary, LAG works with a proven leading edge technology firm who can assist in the engagement to ensure not only the security of the assets are in place, but that you are efficiently leveraging your IT resources.

Strengthen processes and systems. We will develop and implement “proven” enhanced processes and systems that properly interface your business tasks with your strategy. (We can assist you if your strategic plans are not in place.)

Meticulous documentation. We will provide in-depth and thorough documentation of the revised processes and systems.

Test. We will ensure that these processes and systems are properly tested to ensure you are achieving the desired results.

Benchmark. Benchmarking our improved processes and systems against your competitors.

Follow up. We won’t leave you hanging. We’ll continue to monitor these processes and systems for continuous improvement.

At the end of the day, Lakelet will deliver quantifiable benefits to help you take your business to the “next level.” To learn more, view "A Look At Our Results."

To review a partial list of industries in which we have been engaged - please refer to the "Partial List of Clients.".

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