Bankruptcy Strategy and Support

Unfortunately, in some instances, the best way to maximize asset value is to initiate a bankruptcy or other insolvency proceeding. In addition to our restructuring and turnaround services, Lakelet Advisory Group, LLC (LAG) provides critical services specific to a court-supervised insolvency process. The bankruptcy and insolvency services at LAG collaborates with the client’s management team, board of directors, and legal and financial advisors to develop and implement a comprehensive reorganization plan.

With a focus on minimizing disruption and rebuilding the business after an exit from bankruptcy or insolvency, LAG helps organizations accelerate a return to “business as usual.” LAG also works with creditors and other stakeholders to maximize recoveries from companies that have filed for bankruptcy or insolvency.

Bankruptcy is a very serious undertaking for any organization. Our bankruptcy assistance focuses on all three areas:

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Operating while under the protection of bankruptcy
  • Assistance in exiting from bankruptcy protection

Effectively addressing the concerns of bankruptcy or insolvency requires experienced professionals who understand the issues associated with this complex situation. LAG assists by offering practical knowledge derived from working with banking professionals, investors and solicitors, then combines this with our many years of experience in this area. We work with you to develop the appropriate solution for your situation. Our services include:

  • Creditors' claims analysis
  • Solvency of debtors
  • Restructuring proposals
  • Insolvency consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Implementation of reorganization plans
  • Merger / sales
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